rezeki jangan ditolak,

Waspadalah! ALLAH s.w.t sedang menguji kamu untuk melihat siapakah dikalangan hamba-Nya yang bertaqwa

dark 2014

Puzzles are entertaining, but often, heartbreaking


14 thing I've learned as I left 2014.

1) the higher you get, the lonelier the place would be
2) nobody stay by your side forever
3) the world is a noisy place, yet it is too quiet for some people (me)
4) you can't have everything you want. since when do i get what i want really?
5) solving puzzles are easier than understanding human minds
6) when you're angry, you're vulnerable
7) when you're sad, you made a speech, in your mind
8) trust nobody, don't waste your time trying to
9) i hate cellphone. i wish i don't have one
10) your heart may hurts so much, that when you woke up the next morning, you can't remember a thing
11) if you encounters problem, take a nap
12) your real best-friend, is your MP3
13) there's nothing wrong if you always avoid crowds
14) i love myself the way that i am

so, here, cold-heartedly, i welcomed 2015.

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